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  • John 1:4NKJ : "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men."

  • One thing that I'm very sure about, is that our God is bigger than your storm. The scripture tells us numerous times that "Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37. "I encourage you to believe in God daily and you will experience His glory in your life. "Apostle Chinedu Shalom.

About us

Word Life Church is a global network of ministries with a vision to share the divine presence of God with the nations of the world. Being in Word Life Church is being part of the Christ Kingdom. It’s a church and Christ vision for His people. Together we shall fulfil the vision.

Our Purpose

To bring God’s people to the full knowledge of His divine grace, for the life of excellence through God’s Word.


To proclaim the divine saving grace of God to the people of the earth and demonstrating the power of the Holy Ghost by teaching, practising and touching the nation through God’s Word.


1 Peter 2:9

To raise a generation of men and women that will show forth the praises and the glory of God, which hath called us out of darkness into His marvellous light.


To be part of what God is doing on earth through His church. A church that is distinguished in its obedience to the true gospel of Christ and the principles of the Word of God.


To influence every life God puts in our care through the help of the Holy Ghost. To convey the Word of life in our communities and throughout the world. To uplift and transform our communities one person at a time. To promote Jesus as the hope of all nations.


This is the statement of Bible doctrine as believed and taught by WORD LIFE CHURCH…, We believe that the only means of being cleansed from sin is Repentance and Faith in the precious blood of Jesus (Acts 3:19; Luke 24:47; Ephesians1:7).

Our Ministries

Believer’s Fellowship:  

Sunday Service: 10:30 – 12:00
Thursday Midweek Service: 18:30 – 19:30 

Children Ministry:

Our Mission is to provide education and guidance on Christianity within the Ministry context through opportunities for spiritual growth and in developing social and life skills in children.

Women Ministry:

Women need relationship with other women. Growing deeper in relationship is God’s desire for communities.

 Community Outreach & Charity work:

Galatians 2:10 Mark 16:15 Word Life Church is passionate about impacting communities in the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ. We aim to touch the lives of the destitute, desolate, underprivileged and those in need by providing aid and opportunities of transformation, rehabilitation and growth. 

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Our mission is to introduce Christ Jesus the Saviour to the homeless through prayer and opportunities of fellowship and church activity participation. We strive to aid the homeless with donations of their daily needs – food, clothing, blankets, etc

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